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Physiotherapy is a specialized profession in health care whose primary goal is to assist people with restoring, maintaining and maximizing their strength, function, movement, and overall well-being.  They assess and treat all conditions related to bone, muscle and joint problems.

At Talbot Trail Physiotherapy all of our physiotherapists are registered which means they are members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. As a condition of membership, individuals agree to adhere to the CPA’s Rules of Professional Conduct, are expected to meet the CPA Standards of Physiotherapy Practice and have to undergo continued professional development the same way as a doctor or nurse.

Images showcasing Talbot Trail Physiotherapy's services, including Physiotherapy, Pediatric Care, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Shockwave Therapy, Concussion Treatment, Custom Bracing, Chiropractic, Orthotics, Massage Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Pelvic Health.

At Talbot Trail Physiotherapy, our first and foremost responsibility is to our patients. We take the best that technology has to offer and combine it with superior therapy and exercise to help patients reach their optimum level of physical function in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Our patient satisfaction survey shows that:
  • 98% stated marked improvements to their condition following treatment at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy.
  • 99% stated they were “completely satisfied” with the overall health care provided by the team of therapists at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy.
  • 96% of Patients were seen by a Physiotherapist within 15 minutes, following completion of paperwork, during their first visit.
  • 99% stated they were completely satisfied with overall customer service provided at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy.
We strive to provide excellence in patient care with each member of the community in which we serve. We want our patients to return to a better quality of life as soon as possible.

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