Talbot Trail Physiotherapy

Fit For Golf

Want to swing like a golf pro …lower your score …enjoy success in the game?

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

The Titleist Performance Institute was created to provide players with a total game learning experience, using industry leading experts, state of the art technology, and world class facilities to enhance performance. Over 70% of PGA tour winners have used TPI analysis as part of their game play strategy.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy has a team of Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professionals. The team includes a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and Fitness Professional providing golf-specific fitness, golf health, and golf swing biomechanics expertise from the world’s leading experts in the game.

Swing technique and style are as unique as a player’s fingerprints. At Talbot Trail Physiotherapy, we utilize video analysis to understand all the rotational speeds of your body. Our Premier Evaluation Analysis can recommend a custom-conditioning program that can be seamlessly integrated into your golf game to help optimize your performance.

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